Douglas Stockdale
Foundations   Landscapes: 1975 - 1985   A Limited Editioned Folio

I have selected 12 photographs from my earlier body of work created between 1975 and 1985, which represent my personal favorites from this period of my natural landscape
photography. They were created with a strong influence from Wynn Bullock, Minor White and Paul Caponigro. In addition to being elegant landscape images, there is also an element of
'equivalents' for each image. The Introduction from this folio is available here.

This Limited Editioned Folio is composed of 12 loose, unbound archival images, printed with pigment ink on 8-1/2" x 11" 100% matte rag, an exclusive size printed only for my Edition
Folios, assembled in an archival folder, accompanied with a Cover page, Introduction, Colophon and Certificate of Authenticity. A complete description of my Edition prints and folios are
here. The Folio is Limited to an Edition of ten, and the photographs are Limited to an Edition of 25.

The first five of the ten Limited Editioned Folios are available for a price of $1,200.00 (USD), which includes shipping expenses worldwide.
All photographs are Copyright by Douglas Stockdale
British Columbia Waterfall
Vancouver River Canyon
Rock Creek
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Mussel Rock
Arizona Monsoon
Vancouver Trees
Weathered Rock
Pt. Lobos Ice Plant
Icy Creek
Ice Chimes
Old Snow
Folded Queen Anne's Lace