Coaching and mentoring services provided by Douglas Stockdale

He brings a broad and diverse creative background; he is an artist that has self-published seven books, published by an International indie book publisher, the Editor and Publisher of PhotoBook Journal, having reviewed over 450 contemporary artist/photographic books, leader of numerous book design workshops and a portfolio reviewer for Los Angeles Center of Photography and LensCulture.

His works closely with artists, photographers and businesses to help you meet your goals for artist project development, book design, portfolio reviews, marketing & creative strategies;

  • Project Development; helping to create a focus and vision for new and on-going artistic projects

  • Editing: rough editing of a large body of work to the fine tuning of a specific project, book, review or submission

  • Sequencing: Help to create a visual flow of images to create a narrative; book layout, portfolio review or submission

  • Book Design; conceptualization, book-dummy development, design, layout, sequencing, and assisting with printing & binding options

  • Publishing; Limited Edition self-published artist books to large volume trade editions

Douglas has worked with the following to help them make a difference in their artistic and photographic projects;

(partial listing); Sarah Hadley (Artist book coach), Christine Kaplan (Book editor & designer), Melissa Lazuka (Project coach), Erica Kelly Martin (Project coach), Molly McCall (Project sequencing), Christine Ridell (Book coach), Andrew Ward (Project editing), Jason Ward (Project editing), Hiroshi Watanabe (Text editor), (Publishing strategy), and Dual Graphics (Photobook business strategy)